Hello, my name is Erik Tomren. Welcome to my new blog/website SEATravelZombie.com! The goal of this site will be to feature articles and reviews on a wide variety of topics: travel, movies, books, music, concerts, opinion pieces, politics and more. I will write most of the content, but I am hoping to feature guest writers along the way. If you are interested in collaborating, or would like to use my writing services for another project, I can be reached via email.

First, a little background. I live in Seattle, Washington and work for a major cruise line. I have been active in journalism in one form or another since 1999. I began writing for my community college newspaper in Scottsdale, AZ. Later I moved to Seattle to pursue a degree in Norwegian Language at the University of Washington.

While at the UW I began to write and edit for an independent newspaper (later a journal) called Right Turn, a conservative/libertarian type student publication. It was a great learning experience, especially the frantic weekends spent editing in order to meet publication deadline. I graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree, having majored in Norwegian language, Political Science and Scandinavian Area Studies. I later studied journalism for one quarter at Western Washington University, which was invaluable for my development as a writer. I continued writing as a hobby and had some successes, for example getting published in music magazines and on online sites.

One of my goals, though, which I had never succeeded in, was making any money at writing. Any money at all. Up until this point the best I could say was that I had received some free CD’s in the mail to review. In July of 2011 a co-worker suggested that I try writing at Examiner.com. I signed up with them and have been writing regularly ever since. If you would like to see my very first articles written for Examiner.com, please see Prepay cruise gratuities for a more relaxing trip and 2011 Seattle cruises to Alaska—an introduction. I don’t think necessarily feel these articles are my best work, but it was a first start for me in the world of online writing. I will write a more in-depth article about the Examiner.com writing experience, but that will be for another time.

Around the same time I started writing for Examiner.com I began writing articles for Yahoo! Contributor Network and OpEdNews.com. [Edit–Yahoo! Contributor Network has since been shut down, but I may migrate some of my articles over to this site.] My article for OpEdNews.com is still available, see Gov. Rick Perry Crazy like a Fox. It’s been an interesting  learning experience to learn about different online content providers and how they differ from each other. I plan to write about what I’ve learned over the past 2 years writing online and I hope that you will be able to learn from my successes and failures along the way.

I haven’t made much writing, and it is still very much a hobby for me, but I can now say that I’m a paid author. I decided to create this website because I want to have more creative control of my content and hopefully create a larger audience for my work. I’m also hoping to present articles that are truly unique and thought provoking, content that you can’t find on other websites. It would of course be nice to be able to make a little more money in the process, but I am fully aware that online writing takes a lot of work and perseverance to be successful and that many sites will never be successful. But you never know unless you try.

If you would like to see more of my work, please see my Examiner.com titles at the following links. Please subscribe for email alerts if you like my work.

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  • Seattle Horror Examiner

Additionally, I can be found on the following social networks:

Thank you for your interest in my website and for taking the time to read this introduction. I look forward to sharing my writing with you and I hope to have  first “proper” articles up over the weekend (knock on wood).

-Erik Tomren, Aug. 10, 2013

Erik Tomren in St. Petersburg, Russia
Erik Tomren in front of Holland America Line’s ms Oosterdam

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